Nature vs Art of Man


On a recent road trip, I went to view some desert sculptures in Australia’s New South Whales Outback.

The sun was almost set, and the visiting hours of the site were nearing their end. It was especially cold that afternoon, I remember putting on my jacked and hobo gloves before getting out of the car.


The sculptures were great, but I found myself more captivated by the natural wilderness surrounding them

The endless sense of space, the shrub like plants and the bright unworldly color of the grass against the red rocks.

While groups of tourists gathered around the sculptures,discussing them, photographing them from many different angles, posing with them… I found myself taking pictures of the scruffy trees reflecting the last rays of the day’s sunlight.

Maybe I’m just not cultured’ enough…

But most times, natural beauty wins for me.

Daily Prompt:


I Can’t Icon

finished fairy

Any time that I am enthused to create, the adversary of self doubt rallies its armies and orders the attack on my newly found inspiration. A battle ensues and my focus no longer goes into the project or idea at hand. Instead all resources are directed and invested in a war against invisible enemies – good old Major Doubt and General Fear.

If you have battled with self doubt, you will know what I mean!

I mention this because the creepy fairy Icon at the top of the page was somehow born during such a war.

Here’s how… First came the idea, I wanted a creepy and mysterious silhouette of a fairy for my blog.  I set some expectations way up in the clouds and began comparing and gathering  inspiration from expensive brand logos and established artists’ works of wonder.

fairy concepts 1

I began to sketch concepts. Over and over nothing worked, nothing matched up to what I wanted. I had a shaky concept and a whole lot of beautiful and inspiring reference but none of the reference matched exactly what I wanted. So I went back to search for reference that matched my shaky concept to a T. Needless to say, I found no such thing.

This is because I wanted something original.

I had to come to the conclusion that inspiration and reference was there to be drawn on and (here it comes) referred to, not copied.

Still, my concepts seemed to be repeating themselves and Major Doubt and General Fear were winning battle after battle in the war in my mind. I continued to attempt to thwart their advances by churning out more and more almost identical concepts. This didn’t help and I was about ready to concede defeat.

fairy concepts 2While taking a defeatist break, I read through the first chapter of Ann Rand’s book ” The Art of Fiction”.

“If you are not clear at all – if you have nothing but ‘floating abstractions’ in your subconscious (by that I mean abstractions which do not connect to concretes) – you will sit and stare at blank paper. Nothing will come out because you have put nothing into it.”

Ann’s view point helped me, despite my natural aversion to her usually self glorifying air. I removed my self from my work station and reflected. What I was trying to achieve was a creepy fairytale like silhouette of a fairy, more wasp-based than butterfly. At the same time I was attempting to pull off a simple small iconic logo.

Another issue was that I was drawing the concepts at the size I imagined it would be once in use instead of a size where I could see properly what I was doing.

in progress fairy sketchFor my fairy to be born before the armies of doubt marched in and destroyed the remains of my morale,

I abandoned the logo focus, conjured more clearly in my mind what I wanted to see on paper, found precise and relevant reference and drew something in full scale. From there I turned the image into a silhouette and at last, sent the enemy armies into retreat (to wait until the next project inspiration arrived).



Retro Girl

Being more of a sketcher kind of artist (one who sketches things and leaves them in that draft like stage) I find joy and wonder at seeing any of my work in a state of completion. pin up illustration 2

A few years ago I did take a pencil work digital for a clients sake. Finding this again (along with a couple of variations) gave me a subtle reminder of the value in the completion of something. pin up illustration 3As I had been hoping to explore some other art mediums this year, these Retro Girls have added digital to the list! pin up illustration 1