If We Were Having Coffee…

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I’d ask you if you have ever had to stay strong when you felt the complete opposite.

I imagine most of you would say yes. I would then ask you to elaborate…Perhaps we could share some funny stories. Like the time I was so upset with a situation, that I went and brushed my teeth… my response to the stress and sadness was so strange that it I ended up laughing at myself.

I guess little things like that can be a relief to the pressure during hard times?

If you have ever experienced relief from a negative feeling or situation in a bizarre unrelated way, please feel free to share! 🙂


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Frankie Lass

I want to inspire the rekindling of imaginary worlds. I want to nurture mad little monsters that have been starved of their need to create.

6 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee…”

  1. I guess becoming a parent put me in this role a lot. When my kids have been hurt and I’ve had to bandage them up and deal with the hysterics when I wished someone more competent was around to handle it. When my teens have been having emotional meltdowns and I end up crying too: one of us needs to grow up and find a positive way to handle the situation (usually me I hope). Learning to rebuild a relationship with my father when distance is easier and more comfortable. It is hard to stay strong but it is part of the journey. Hopefully there is someone who can sometimes be strong for us too!

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