Left Behind

left behind again

I lay very still as my ears explore the world of 90’s grunge and wonder what kind of person I might be if I let the sound define me. The room around me remains unaltered, half packed since last week. The yellow paint on the walls is chipped here and there. Moving furniture in and out and all around has been done clumsily and left the marks, the walls look dirty even though they are bare.



Published by

Frankie Lass

I want to inspire the rekindling of imaginary worlds. I want to nurture mad little monsters that have been starved of their need to create.

3 thoughts on “Left Behind”

  1. Looks like a nice home, Frankie, plenty of green in sight, so it has roots. I disagree that grunge was punk for the 90s, because each generation has its own reasons to rebel. Like James Dean’s line when asked, what are you revelling against? He said, what’ve y’got?

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