Give Me a Mask and I Can Do Anything


I was taking the scenic train ride from my town of residence into the big city and while admiring the beautiful view of  woodlands and waterways, a traumatic experience I had the previous weekend rose to memory, which seemed so surreal in contrast.

My first real assignment of the year was due by midnight Sunday. I hadn’t started yet and it was Friday evening, my meeting that afternoon had gone way over schedule. Needless to say, tensions were high.

It just so happened, as things always seem to do – with that perfectly inconvenient timing – that my partner and I had a rather immense falling out. I was sure that this would mean my whole world would soon be changed forever and we would break-up for good. It would mean facing the second major heartbreak of my life, and catching a one way ticket to the little country I grew up in.


The situation left me so emotionally distraught that I  was certain my dreams of graduating university (or at the very least passing this paper) would all die  with my inability to complete my assignment in the face of real-life misery.

Queue the mask of (in)sanity. Spoiler alert… I manged to finish the assignment. But I didn’t finish it as the woman with relationship troubles and butterflies in her stomach. I played a game, wore a mask, acted like I was somebody else. This time I was an eccentric scholar of English Literature. Over qualified for the assignment in front of me, I read out loud putting on a poor excuse for an English accent, explaining the questions and deducing answers while explaining the process to imaginary confused and needy students (ironically – my true identity).

After the assignment was complete, I slipped back to reality, and yes I may have searched out the house for alcohol or chocolate and curled up on the floor in tears trying to wrap my head around my possibly destroyed romantic future, but the assignment was done – thanks to the mask.

Have you ever used a mask or alternative persona to get what needed doing done?