Wake Up Princess

princess 1 low resOne day darling – all your worry and loneliness will be washed away when your white knight (or king of carnage, whatever you’re into!) turns up, falls head over heals in love with you and changes your life forever.

Not to discount the fairy-tales, trust me, I LOVE a good fairytale but isn’t it interesting how the story ends when prince saves princess?

In reality  Рcome on, do you want your story to end when the man of your fictionally conditioned heart is conjured into reality?

He (or she) may help you slay the enemy at hand – but you can bet your bottom dollar that more will come, some that not even your savior can help you with.

princess wthBaby, why wait?

Don’t sit in the tower and pine away for a love or savior that may or may not ever arrive. Or that does come but doesn’t have your ideal solutions in mind.

I was sitting in the safety of a cute little cafe while a storm raged outdoors. There was a clear view of the ocean from the windows and I was feeling a little confined and tower-bound. On the wild sea there were kite surfers and wind surfers kitted out in wetsuits and riding daredevil waves. I longed for some of what they had and less of what I was doing. My primary thought was “I hope one day somebody brings more of that into my life.

Wake up Princess! What if… YOU were that person? Its time to slay that Mofo dragon yourself.

Experiment: Not Snacking

no-snacking-experiement-weight-managment_b&wI used to wonder why it was that whenever I went away on holiday, I lost weight and noticeably looked and felt healthier.

So much so as to have people comment on how much healthier I looked. God only knows what I must look like on the regular!

I gave it some thought and eventually narrowed the suspects down to:

  • The removal of work & home-life stresses
  • Walking considerately more
  • Not snacking (even if eating out often)

This experiment wasn’t for weight loss but rather digestion, energy, weight management and lets be honest – vanity.


I didn’t do my usual December blimp transformation, e.g No weight gain over the festive season! This is a first…and not only that, but I actually lost a few pounds without any conscious attempts at exercise.


Definitely make sure that when you eat, you eat until you are completely full! Under eating will leave you exhausted and desiring (and no doubt in dire need of) something to snack on.