Dear Banana Girl, I like your potatoes!

I’ve long wondered at the link between diet and physical aesthetics and emotional well being. It has always been a point of interest and I have always LOVED food. baked wedges in news paperLove of food can be a bane or an asset. A bane in that you can overindulge in it and reap uncomfortable rewards. An asset in that whether you eat an enormous bowl of salad or an enormous bowl of greasy potato wedges both are just delightful and enjoyment ensues.
baked potato wedges raw potato

So what say, you don’t enjoy salad? But my God, potato wedges make you salivate and you would eat them every day if only the undesirable consequences didn’t stop you!
baked potato wedges process

Queue this recipe from Freelee (view here ). I can eat these day in and day out without weight gain or feeling weighed down and sluggish. An  absolutely delicious way to love potatoes!

baked wedges


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