Do You Have A “One Day Maybe” List?


Do you have a to-do list comprised of goals that you intend to achieve… one day?

What does ‘one day’ even mean?

When the time is right? When it all just starts to fall into place?  When it happens of its own accord? That sounds like a pretty shaky foundation…


I stopped setting goals

Last year I didn’t set myself any goals because I was tired of finding my goal lists untouched and abandoned.  I felt there was no use writing down new ones when the old ones sat dormant and unborn on old pieces of lined paper in my desk drawers.

Instead, I started to take action

I found the lists from the last few years and picked the first goal without an honourary tick at its feet.

The first thing on my One Day Maybe list?

Start a blog. It’s been a year and I can now mark a tick next to that goal. After completing another goal this year (Personal Project For A Friend) I proved  to myself something that all of the inspirational memes and quotes could not.


I have reinforced in my own mind the formula;

Goal + Action = A result. 

This year I decided its time to set some new goals and I was excited to find some cute goal planning books (pictured) through .

So…what’s going on you’re list this year?



Published by

Frankie Lass

I want to inspire the rekindling of imaginary worlds. I want to nurture mad little monsters that have been starved of their need to create.

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