Temporary Social Media Break


It had only been 2 minutes since I had last checked the inbox, and I was back again. I knew it was time to find another focus…

The decision to stay away from social media and mindless internet browsing in general for a week was easy enough. It just seemed like a good idea, and it was a good idea, but easy?

This experiment  brought to light just how much I use social media to distract myself from any thing even slightly difficult.

I even used it to distract from things that weren’t difficult! If I sat down to my desk to work on any personal project or even just to check my bank account, the first thing I found myself doing was clicking onto social media, it took a couple of days to get used to working on the computer without having a social media tab open.

As I use social media these days as a primary communication tool, I allowed myself a midweek check in so as not to appear rude to anybody (that is how I justified it anyway).

Having not logged in for a while and knowing I wouldn’t be logging back on for another few days, it was a really nice thing to look forward to. I took more time to read through the messages and  was also more thoughtful and focused on what I sent back.

The other primary benefit?

My stress levels were thoroughly reduced. There was no underlying urgency during my free time and I wasn’t constantly being overwhelmed with all kinds of imagery and over zealous opinions. I hadn’t been aware of how much that had been effecting my ability to relax.

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