Mind Fog

003(4)What is stopping you doing what you want to do?

Mind fog is confusing stuff and its very easy to get lost in. When I try to evaluate what it is that holds me back from doing the things I want to do, my first thoughts are:

  • Time
  • Fear
  • Energy
  • Perfectionism

I am sure they all hold a place in the ranking. But ultimately…

I blame the fog

Hours, weeks, even months can pass in the fog (let us pray, not years!).

While in the fog, you will find yourself fumbling around all the while staying in the exact same place. Your energy will drain more and more rapidly the longer you remain there.

sketch woman in the fogMind fog can keep you up to all hours of the night without  a single conscious thought, resulting in zero productivity or achievement.

 What is mind fog?

It could be considered  a form of subconscious procrastination. The fog is a cluttered and distracted state of mind. The absence of awareness, stillness and peace.

In the business of a mind brimming over without conscious substance, the path gets lost and the goal is shrouded in mist and difficulty.

 Mind fog inducing situations include

  • Television watching
  • Video gaming – especially the endless leveling up drama
  • Checking on the pantry (snack time again?)
  • Cigarette smoking
  • General bustle and the illusion of things happening (when really nothing is)




Published by

Frankie Lass

I want to inspire the rekindling of imaginary worlds. I want to nurture mad little monsters that have been starved of their need to create.

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