Of Laziness

do it

“Don’t let the Lazy get you….

Fight back! – Live your DREAMS and ENJOY!”

– Matt White




A Brush With Death

I fell asleep one evening
Under a tree by the lake
And dreamed a dream where shadows
My soul they tried to take

My mind they filled with dark thoughts
And in my dream I fell
Chains began to wrap around me
Demons summoned me to hell.

Screams came from in the darkness
My blood began to chill
Then from the shadows there was laughter
It rung out loud and shrill

There he stood before me
Neither animal nor man
He laughed the laugh of the devil
He laughed the laugh of the damned

“Come with me you sinners”
“Come with the condemned”
“Come with me you sinners”
“Come laugh the laugh of the damned”

dark dream beneath a tree