Do NOT Take The Moral High Ground!

We have all done this:

  1. Looked at somebody’s conduct in a situation
  2. Not minded our own business even one little bit
  3.  Taken the liberty to audibly condemned said human
  4. Or, taken the opportunity to highlight how we are much better and wiser
  5.  All to some unfortunate  listener(s) (possibly even inclusive of the poor soul who promoted the whole debacle).

Because, OH YES!

  • ” I would NEVER do that to my friends”
  • “I would NEVER expect my friend to do that for me”
  • “I would NEVER move in with my parents at THAT age!”
  • “I would NEVER cheat on my partner”
  • “I would NEVER get addicted to THAT”
  • “Oh aren’t they all just such awful people!”
  • “If I could die in your place, I would do it in a heart-beat”

(this list will never end, so imagine it doesn’t and lets move on)

Can we REALLY claim any glory to our noble names? If we have not had the misfortune to be  in a position where the temptation, or the necessity of the above shamed actions/lack of action, has presented itself circumstantially in our lives?

And even if one of our  self righteous accusations did hold any truth, can we really claim that we have never given in to a temptation of some kind…

Now, anybody for some cake?

Running Journal

Early Morning jog through the mountains

Forest mist seeping from its abode amongst the trees and floating out onto the mountain road, the swiftly rising sun turning its whites and greys into silver and gold.

The air is so cool, it soothes my throat and awakens my mind.

A moth the size of a sparrow swoons to and fro ahead of me. My eyes fixate on her until she disappears again, back into the mist.



Brave Shopping Day

Does anybody else have this problem?

Don’t spend a damn penny on any wearable item for a considerable time. Till a point at which one’s apparel is no longer dignifying for one to wear in public.

On braving the horror of say, a shopping mall, one makes a single purchase, after which the fast has been broken, and a shopping-spree-from-hell ensues?